Already Missing Them

As I write this, I’m exactly (to the very minute) four days away from my flight to Belize (and then on to New Zealand and Australia) taking off.  There is still a lot to do, but most of it is just minor details, yet I haven’t quite relaxed yet.  I suspect relaxing won’t happen until I’m seated on the plane and have had enough time to take a deep breath.  I’m not much of a drinker, but I might have to order a drink once the inflight service starts so that I can let the last 10 months of planning float away.

But, there is still one thing I’m most worried about…my furry kids, Kinley and Aker.

  • I worry that the house/pet sitter won’t take care of them as I would.
  • I worry I’ll miss them.
  • I worry they’ll miss me and I worry that they won’t miss me.
  • Most of all, I worry that something will happen to them while I’m gone.  I’d be heartbroken.

I know dogs are not the same as having children, but they are all they are all I have and I will miss them desperately.

Some of My Favorite Photos of Them