Adventura Rope Challenge Course and Zipline

Yesterday I stared a fear down and won (kind of).  A couple of months ago I purchased a Groupon offer for Adventura Rope Challenge Course and Zipline.  I’ll be honest…I thought it was just a couple of ziplines…obviously I didn’t read the entire thing.  Turns out it was a whole lot more rope challenge than zipline.

The afternoon started with a quick safety lesson and practicing while standing on the group.  The transferring from one challenge to another goes like this.

  • Find someone who isn’t in the middle of a challenge and ask if they can transfer you.
  • Once they say ‘yes’ you ask ‘transfer one’.  They respond by saying ‘transfer one’.
  • When they hear your carabineer click, they say ‘squeeze check’.  You respond by squeezing your carabineer to make sure it’s locked and then say ‘squeeze check’ back to them.
  • Then you ask ‘transfer two’.  They respond by saying ‘transfer two’.
  • Again you go through the squeeze check.
  • Now you are transferred.

There was whole other process for belaying/climbing up the rope ladder.  I met a gal, Jen.  Her and I both agreed that it was a lot to remember.  But fortunately we did remember it and that turned out to be the least of my problems.

The fear started right away.  As I was climbing up the rope ladder I started to ask myself ‘what the hell am I doing’.  By the time I got to the top I was near tears, but I didn’t let anyone else know that.  Apparently my fear of heights was a bit stronger than I thought.  I immediately asked what the easiest/fastest way down was.  Paul (one of the instructors) was so kind and he showed me the easiest challenge to attempt first before I decided to go back down and quit.  Turns out the hardest part of every challenge was the first step off the platform.  I did the log and then Paul also talked me through a couple more challenges.  I stuck with the easier challenges, but even those would be challenging for a lot of people.

I walked the log several times and even got to where I could do it without holding on to my safety lines.  I walked a wire challenge a couple of times.  I did a zipline where you had to fling yourself off the platform to get enough momentum.  I also walked a ladder in which the steps were different distances and you practically had to jump.  I did a challenge called the Charlie Chaplin (two wires that you shuffle across).  I jumped from one platform to another.  And, the final zipline was the way down.  It was a hydraulic zipline.

I had a blast.  I will definitely watch for this Groupon offer again and maybe next time I can talk some of my friends into going.

Oh yea…did I mentioned it rained the entire time.  Just a typical Western Washington day in October.

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