A Wild Goose Chase

Today’s mission was to get photos of the snow geese that migrate through Skagit County, Washington from early December through late March.  We saw a few flocks fly by headed north.  That gave us the idea to head the same direction.  The snow geese evaded us for hours.

Blue Heron and Bald Eagles

Luckily we were treated to some other amazing birds…blue heron, bald eagles, and swans.  At one point we saw eleven eagles in side by side trees and three others nearby.

Blue Heron

Tree Full of EaglesTree Full of Eagles (Close Up)

Bald Eagle on Power Pole

Snow Geese

In a last ditch effort to find the snow geese, we turned our attention south to the Stanwood area.  After lunch we started the search again.  Still no luck.  We decided to turn around as we approached a bridge, but I opted to continue and turn around on the other side.  Finally…jackpot.  We found the large flock of snow geese we had been looking for all day.  Many, many, many photos later…here are a few of my favorites.Snow Geese Flying

Snow Geese Flying

Field of Snow Geese

Views and Old Structures

It doesn’t matter what my intended photo shoot is, landscapes and old buildings capture my attention.  Here are a couple of the photos from today.View Near Anacortes, Washington

View Near Edison, Washington

Old Building Near Stanwood, Washington

Photography Companions

I also snuck in a couple of photos of my photography companions.

Photography CompanionsPhotography Companions

Photograph Details

Where:  Skagit County, Washington

When:  3/4/2012

Camera:  Nikon D3100

Lens:  Nikkor 18-200

Other Information:  Although the weather forecast called for partly cloudy.  It was actually foggy, cloudy, lightly raining, and windy all day.

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