A Useful Travel Item…The Sarong

I used to take a sarong when I traveled to use as a swimsuit cover up, but over the years My SarongI’ve discovered many other uses for it.  Now I take a sarong (and sometimes two) on all of my vacations even if I leave my swimsuit behind.  A bit advice…if you can, pay a little more for good quality material.  Once I started using my sarong a lot I noticed that quality was important.

Here are  some of ideas that make a sarong a useful travel item.

A Blanket

There are plenty of travel blankets on the market.  I have a few.  When I bought them I thought I’d carry them on every trip, but they are too bulky for my liking so they get left at home.  Instead I throw my light-weight sarong in my carry on.  It makes a great airplane blanket and is convenient any other time I need a blanket as well.

A Beach Towel

Sarongs are not usually made of the most absorbent fabric, but when at the beach it does the trick and dries very quickly.  Unlike thicker beach towels, when I’m dried off I can easily wrap it around myself and use it as my swimsuit cover up.

A Bag

I used to take a reusable, compact bag with me.  I used it when I was out shopping.  Now, my sarong when tied appropriately takes care of lugging my snacks or souvenirs .

This video demonstrates tying a scarf into a handbag.  Do the same thing with a sarong and you have an even bigger bag.

A Scarf or Shawl

I usually don’t bring fancy clothes on my vacation, but a simple sun dress can be spiced up with a scarf and if it’s a bit chilly out a shawl (fancy name for the sarong thrown over my shoulders) does the trick.  If it gets even chillier or starts to sprinkle, the sarong can be pulled up over my head too.

A Dress/Skirt

There are actually several ways to tie a sarong into a dress.  Since this can be challenging, below are links to a couple video examples.  The first  video even shows a couple of examples of shorts which I hadn’t even thought of before.

Here is a thorough video (just over 9 minutes with lots of great ideas).

And, here is a video with three really quick examples.  I use the last one a lot.


Other Ideas

Do you travel with a sarong?  If so, what other ideas do you have?  If not, what is your most useful travel item?

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