A Starbucks Oasis in the Middle of Peru

When I first moved to Washington state I did not get the obsession with coffee and Starbucks.  Nearly 14 years later I’m as addicted to Starbucks just like a lot of other Washingtonians.  However, my beverage of choice is Unsweetened Well-Shaken Black Ice Tea, instead of coffee.

When I had a layover in Lima the airport had a Starbucks…I was a very happy girl.  I assumed Cuzco would be much too remote, but I was wrong.  I spotted it my first day in Plaza De Armas.  The tea was not quite the same, but the Mocha Fraps were terrific.

I’m sure there are a lot of examples of Starbucks locations that are stunning, but I’m not sure any of them can beat the one in Cuzco (although that sounds like a new travel mission…find the most beautiful Starbucks).

Starbucks Cuzco Exterior

Starbucks and Compania de Jesus

Sight for Sore Eyes and Dry Mouth

Starbucks Cuzco Interior

From the interior (as long as you don’t look out the windows) it looked like a regular Starbucks.

Starbucks Familiar CounterStarbucks Decor

Starbucks Decor

Starbucks Cuzco Views

The best part about the Starbucks in Cuzco was the views from the veranda (most notably Plaza De Armas and La Catedral).  Wow!…was probably the best description.

Starbucks View of Plaza De Armas

Starbucks View of La Catedral

Even the view from the back windows was pretty great.

Starbucks View from Back Windows

2 thoughts on “A Starbucks Oasis in the Middle of Peru

    • It’s is beautiful, but my mojo is a bit low. I think it’s because I haven’t had a hurried scheduled since getting here. My first activity is tomorrow.