2014 Wrap-up

I started 2014 by celebrating New Years in Christchurch, New Zealand and the year evolved from there. On January 3rd, I moved on to Australia for some epic adventures (admittedly I still have some posts to write from that trip).

At the end of January, reality struck as I headed back home from my amazing trip. The big shock was the cold weather after spending 9 ½ weeks of my winter in warmer climates.

Even though that epic trip was over, I still tried some new things like…

  • Snowshoeing for the First Time – I loved it…I’ll be trying it again this winter.
  • Acrylic Painting – I don’t consider myself artistic at all, but I gave it a go any way and the results were pretty decent.
  • Building a Wall – Probably my most off-the-wall adventure of the year, but I really enjoyed working with my dad and learning something valuable. Plus, my dogs getting a playroom made my year.
  • Fileting Halibut – Sure, I’ve caught a lot of halibut over the years but there was always someone else to take care of the fileting. I decided it was time to learn it.

In July I caught the travel bug again and headed to Alaska to visit my family. We went on some halibut fishing trips. We caught 24 halibut over two different trips. It was enough to fill both my freezer and my sister’s.

During the year I also did quite a few fun hikes, some of which I may post photos from later.

And then, I ended the year with a trip to Belize. I left the day after Thanksgiving and spent

Me Christmas Eve
Going to a Christmas Eve party.

just over two weeks there. After four trips to Belize, it’s starting to feel like a second home. There are so many things to love.

This year I was home for Christmas and New Year’s. They were both very simple holidays and there was something relaxing about not traveling during that time of year (although so many people were gone from work that I was pretty bored).

2014 was a great year…lots of travel…lots of learning, but I expect 2015 to be equally (or even more) amazing.

Happy New Year!!!

2 thoughts on “2014 Wrap-up

  1. Happy New Year to you also. Thank you for sharing your awesome photos this past year, felt almost as though we were traveling with you.Looking forward to seeing what’s in store in 2015!