Caye Caulker Sunrise

Caye Caulker Sunrise

Unfortunately I forgot a piece of my tripod, so my photography will be limited in quality until I get back in the United States.  Instead of finding some fun activity to do in Los Angeles, I will be tracking down Continue reading Caye Caulker Sunrise

Stormy Morning

Stormy Morning

Good call Raggamuffin…postponing the trip was the absolute right thing to do.  You won’t find another company more concerned about the safety and comfort of their passengers. We were supposed to start a 3-day sailing, snorkeling, and camping trip Tuesday Continue reading Stormy Morning

King Kabobs

Note:  This was actually yesterday, but we’ve been having internet issues. Today I tried a lobster from King Kabobs.  “King” is a familiar face on Caye Caulker…one I remember from my previous trips.  I’ve heard good things about his food.  Continue reading King Kabobs

Proof We Made it to Belize


It was a very, very long night.  My parents flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles to Houston and my best friend flew from San Francisco to Las Vegas to Houston.  I luckily got a direct flight from Seattle to Houston.  Continue reading Proof We Made it to Belize

Take Off

I intended on being “on top of things” today and post about my packing (something I said I was going to do on Tuesday), but alas that is not going to happen.  Even after doing a “packing dry run”, I Continue reading Take Off

It Was a Great Day

Today was such a great day and not just because it was my last day of work until January 27th. Last night I made cookies for my co-workers.  I felt like putting a bit of kindness in their lives since Continue reading It Was a Great Day

Laptop or iPad

I have a huge internal debate going on right now…should I take my laptop on my iPad on my grand adventure? There are pros and cons for each… iPad Pros Light weight and more compact. Safer…it’s not as obvious to Continue reading Laptop or iPad

Already Missing Them

As I write this, I’m exactly (to the very minute) four days away from my flight to Belize (and then on to New Zealand and Australia) taking off.  There is still a lot to do, but most of it is Continue reading Already Missing Them

It’s Getting Real

Just four days of work left (after today).  Everything is coming together at home and at work.  Now I’m starting to worry about all the little things that I’m probably forgetting to do. I’ve finished… Notified all my emergency contacts Continue reading It’s Getting Real