When Nature Catches Your Eye…or, the Love Bug

Lady Bug Love

I walk nearly every day at lunch as a means to escape and recharge from the hectic whirlwind of the office.  Luckily I can get to a nice trail easily, but it’s still in the middle of Bellevue, Washington with Continue reading When Nature Catches Your Eye…or, the Love Bug

Renewing My US Passport

Old and New Passport

I thought renewing my passport was going to be a bit of a drag.  I opted for the mail-in renewal because the thought of going someplace in person seemed like a waste of time.  I never knew how much I’d Continue reading Renewing My US Passport

Alpine Lakes of Washington

Lake Serene

In January I decided to set a goal for myself…to walk/hike every single Saturday in 2013.  I wanted it to be hike every single Saturday, but I had just had knee surgery for the sixth time in November so I Continue reading Alpine Lakes of Washington