2012 on Alaska Girl at Heart

Pam and Sharon After Zip Lining

This year was a mixed back of highs and low.  It was a great year of growth for my blog and I enjoyed a lots of amazing adventures.  But, it was also marked with some down points.  Over-all I’d give Continue reading 2012 on Alaska Girl at Heart

2012 Week #48, #49, and #50


Having knee surgery and being stuck on crutches since November 5th has really hampered my weekly photo posts.  I have photos to share, but they are not great at all.  Still I want to end 2012 by not missing a Continue reading 2012 Week #48, #49, and #50

A “Green” Surprise in Ecuador

Bikes in Quito

I’m used to the “green” lifestyle living in Western Washington.  I sort my recycling and put my food waste in the yard waste container.  What I didn’t expect was encountering “green” in Ecuador. The signs of Ecuador’s “green” initiatives were Continue reading A “Green” Surprise in Ecuador