Photos of Chihuly Glass

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

Friday has always been my favorite day because it kicks off the weekend, but lately I’ve enjoyed it for another reason.  Yep…#FriFotos on Twitter.  It gives me the motivation to seek out photo opportunities.  Or if I don’t have time, Continue reading Photos of Chihuly Glass

Ghost Tour of Seattle

Seattle Building at Night

The month of March is nearly over and I know everyone is eagerly awaiting my Adventure of the Month post…or not. In either case, this might be a major let down. I know it was for me. A while back Continue reading Ghost Tour of Seattle

Preparing My Car for a Road-Trip

I’ve done several road trips.  A few while growing up and several solo trips as an adult.  The piece of any road trip that I have the least control over is my car.  I, like a lot of other people, Continue reading Preparing My Car for a Road-Trip

2012 Week #12

During our latest attempt to capture a beautiful sunrise (which never really materialized), one of my friends wanted to show us a good location (Shadow Lake) to shoot geese in the future. We didn’t stay long and didn’t even take our Continue reading 2012 Week #12

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls is on the Boulder River Trail.  To Get there head east from Arlington, Washington on Hwy 530 to milepost 41 and turn right on forest road 2010.  The dirt road goes for 4 ½ miles before ending at Continue reading Feature Show Falls

My Hometown…Wasilla, Alaska


The 1970s and 1980s marked a population explosion in my hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. In fact from 1970 to 1990 the population grew by over 1300 percent, and that was just within the city limits. Even with Wasilla’s population growth, Continue reading My Hometown…Wasilla, Alaska

Spring in Western Washington…Kind Of


It’s Friday again and that means FriFotos on Twitter.  This week’s theme is appropriately SPRING.  We’ve been a bit short on spring in Western Washington so far, but I still managed to capture a couple of photos that I feel Continue reading Spring in Western Washington…Kind Of

How I Improved the Quality of my Underwater Photos

Coral Gardens - Blue Cast Removed

I’ve mentioned before that I have an Olympus Stylist Tough 8010 for underwater photography.  While the photos have always been a great source of memories for me, they have never been great quality.  I worried that I had purchased the Continue reading How I Improved the Quality of my Underwater Photos

Hiking to Melmont Ghost Town

Fairfax Bridge over Carbon River

What I won’t do to have a little adventure in my life. Today the plan was a hike to Melmont Ghost Town.  We were to see remnants of buildings left behind from a time when Melmont Coal Mine was active.  Continue reading Hiking to Melmont Ghost Town