Animals of Tikal

We visited Tikal in Guatemala today.  I thought I would share some photos of the animals we saw in the park.  Let’s just say the monkeys must have loved the rain.  There were so many of them showing their faces, Continue reading Animals of Tikal

There is a Lizard in my Bed and Other Fun Stuff in Belize

Day one started out excellent.  After packed flights from Arizona (Mom) and Washington (Me), there was hardly anyone on our flight between Houston and Belize.  Two hours of flight time with an entire row for each of us.  Airline travel Continue reading There is a Lizard in my Bed and Other Fun Stuff in Belize

Packing for Belize

We’ll only be gone for 11 days total (including travel time), but still my career as a project manager has me planning every single thing…including our packing list.  I travel alone quite a bit, but one of the things I Continue reading Packing for Belize


Wow!!!…what can I say about Tulum.  It’s one of the most unique Mayan sites I’ve visited so far (of six).  It’s on the Eastern coast of Mexico.  As usual I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty details of the Continue reading Tulum

Fixing my Favorite Sandals for Belize

When you find a pair of sandals (Tevas) that you absolutely love it’s impossible to give them up even when they are completely wore out.  This particular pair of Tevas got me through my solo trip to Belize in 2010, Continue reading Fixing my Favorite Sandals for Belize

Our Belizean Itinerary

Ok…project manager time.  While I don’t necessarily believe in planning every detail of a trip, this time around I have a lot of it planned out already because we are only in Belize for a short period and I want Continue reading Our Belizean Itinerary

Chichen Itza

I just love Mayan ruins and I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to see one of the most famous…Chichen Itza.  I won’t write too much about the ruins, since you can look up the details on any number Continue reading Chichen Itza

Tropical Packing List

Documentation: Electronics: Clothing: Driver’s License Alarm Clock (b) 5 Undergarments Passport (a) Cell Phone & Charger 3 Socks Photocopy of Passport (a) Headphones and Splitter 1-2 Capris Money/Money Belt Nikon Camera & Charger 1-2 Jacket/Sweater/Sweatshirt Notebook/Pen Waterproof Camera & Charger Continue reading Tropical Packing List