2012 Week #12

During our latest attempt to capture a beautiful sunrise (which never really materialized), one of my friends wanted to show us a good location (Shadow Lake) to shoot geese in the future. We didn’t stay long and didn’t even take our tripods out of the car. I snapped a couple of photos just because my camera was in my hand just itching to be used. I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked the photos once I got home and looked at them on the computer. I love “happy accidents”.

By the way, I’m also proud to say these have not been edited at all. Maybe they could use a bit of touch-up, but I kind of like them just the way they are.

Lake Near SnohomishLake Near Snohomish

If you want to see other photos I took the same day, check out my story about hiking to Feature Show Falls.

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