Going to Isla Mujeres

I’m so excited to be going to Isla Mujeres/Cancun.  Normally I wouldn’t be so excited about going to a very touristy city, but that’s why we chose to stay on Isla Mujeres.  My biggest reason for going is to visit Continue reading Going to Isla Mujeres

Photography…A Duh Moment

I can’t express how little I know about DSLR cameras and taking pictures.  I’ve always been a point and shoot girl.  When Shelly and I went to the Arboretum to take pictures, I got frustrated with my manual focus ability.  Continue reading Photography…A Duh Moment

Photography Practice at the Arboretum

Wow…there is so much to learn about a digital SLR camera.  This first photo shoot was about getting comfortable with my camera.  Thank goodness SLRs still have ‘Auto’ mode.  I learned real quick that all these years of auto-focus is Continue reading Photography Practice at the Arboretum

My New Camera

I’ve wanted a digital SLR camera for years, but until recently I’ve always talked myself out of it.  In fact when planning my most recent trip to Belize I debated back and forth with myself regarding whether to get a Continue reading My New Camera

Planning the Next Big Adventure(s)

I’m trying to sort through all my options for trips this coming year.  I have so many ideas floating around.  A couple of them are firming up. First the easy one…My sister and I are going to Orlando to celebrate Continue reading Planning the Next Big Adventure(s)

January 1st – Long Road Home

The title pretty much says it all… I was up early so I could head home.  I stopped quickly by…you guessed it…Starbucks on the way to Aileen’s for good-byes.  I hated to say good-bye to them.  I hope Aileen can Continue reading January 1st – Long Road Home

December 30th to 31st – Sacramento

I was fortunate to have enough time on my way home to swing by my best friend’s house.  I hate that Aileen and I live so far apart.  It was a long trek from Anaheim to Sacramento (just over 400 Continue reading December 30th to 31st – Sacramento

December 29th – Yuma to Disneyland

I hit the road just after 6am and as expected I made a stop by Starbucks as soon as I could.  And, around 630a (530p PST) I crossed into California.  It’s so easy to forget how close my parents live Continue reading December 29th – Yuma to Disneyland

December 28th – Last Day in Yuma

It was my last day in Yuma and we started it with a trip to our favorite bakery, Goldsborrow.  We then ventured to downtown Yuma because Dad had found me some antique radios to purchase or my collection.  They were Continue reading December 28th – Last Day in Yuma

December 27th – Shooting

The plan for the day was to get rid of as many of the steel-cased shells I could.  I accidentally bought them for my 9mm before I realized I couldn’t use them at any of the indoor ranges in Washington.  Continue reading December 27th – Shooting